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“At DCCC, we believe people are resilient, with strength and values to move towards a life of wellbeing. We help people identify their beliefs, thoughts, and their ways of coping. We collaboratively develop a treatment plan using a person’s strengths.”

Douglas County Christian Counseling is ready to help. 

Douglas County Christian Counseling has English and bilingual Spanish licensed professional counselors who are trained to serve children, adolescents and adults.

They help families who are experiencing life challenges and recovering from the impact of trauma.

They have unique skills working with younger children between ages 0-5, older children, adolescents, and helping parents with attachment, sensory, and behavior management. They assist caregivers with perinatal, postpartum, and grief support.

Therapists have training and supervision in Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. The evidence-based model helps people manage the symptoms of trauma and develop effective coping skills. DCCC has suicide prevention and management protocols. They implemented a suicide prevention pathway for people presenting with suicidal ideation and follow Zero Suicide planning and organizational development techniques. Their therapist is trained in Collaborative Assessment and Management of Suicidality (CAMS).

Douglas County Christian Counseling uses Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and other evidence-based therapeutic models. They follow all HIPPA regulations and risk management and compliance policies.