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What to expect from therapy –


Counseling is a professional relationship that helps clarify issues, discover your thoughts and beliefs that impact feelings and behaviors. Psychotherapy is a professional relationship that empowers you to address your problems in a non-judgmental, supportive space. The relationship differs from friendships and patient-doctor contacts. Because therapists are not involved in your daily lives, they can be objective. They don’t tell you what to do but instead serve as skilled listeners who help you clarify issues, uncover your feelings and help develop strategies to manage problems more effectively.

At your first session, your therapist will ask how they can help. They will ask about your presenting problem and follow where the conversation leads. The therapist will ask about your life, family history, and your current family situation. Because they care about your wellbeing, they will ask if you are thinking of killing yourself or thoughts of hurting someone. Our therapists are trained to help people presenting with suicidal ideation and are not afraid of open conversations.